Instagram friends to photoshoot all on New Years day

Instagram is a wonderful tool and great way to meet people, artist/photographer Tracy Naughton from Let Me Sea and I meet just this way. The result of our mutual admiration and support of one another creativity was this impromptu photoshoot we had at Lake Ainsworth here in Lennox Head. We met in person by the healing waters of Lake Ainsworth on New Years day, in what I considered to be a fantastic way to bring in 2014.  We did a very impromptu photoshoot, and were extra blessed when yoga professional and earth beauty Lois Delaney arrived for her own shoot. We had the opportunity to share the space, one another’s creativity and wild nature for some blissful shots. Here are a look at a few of the photos I took myself on the day, photos from Tracy at Let Me See are coming soon….All dreamcatchers are for sale, please do contact me for more information.

Sea Gypsy Treasures Flower Dreamer

Sea Gypsy Treasures Dreamcatherrs and Tracy from Let Me SeaSea Gypsy Treasures by Let Me SEA

Sea Gypsy Treasures Mandala dreamer Sea Gypsy Treasures Dreamcathers and Dawn Wolf Dreamer

Sea Gypsy Treasures Dream Catchers Sea Gypsy Treasures Dreamcathers and Lotus Lois

*branded Let Me Sea photo (c) Tracy Naughton all other photos (c) by Chrystal Fitzgerald


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