Hawaii Workshops at Noelani Studio

Artist Dawn has just returned back to the Norther Rivers of New South Wales, after two months in her homeland of  Hawaii. For the past 10weeks Dawn has welcomed in the 2015 with love and gratitude from the mountains to the sea whilst continuing to craft and weave her dreams. Spending her time between  Fire Goddess Pele’s home, on the the island of Hawai’i’, and the island of Oahu, home to Dawn’s dearest sister Leilani Leialoha.

It was on Oahu’s North Shore, where Dawn connected with the talented Noelani Love of Noelani Studios and was invited to do two workshops there.  Artist, Yoga instructor, business woman, mother, and avid body surfer Noelani is the quintessential new age, rockin and healin’ goddess sister whom embodies the true spirit of Aloha. Noelani along with her talented manager/yoga instructor Rebecca and lovely staff create the Noelani Studios team. Together they offer a range of exciting classes, workshops, and courses.

Located in the historic surf town of Haleiwa, Noelani Studios is next to Celestial Natural Foods the longest standing health food store on the island, and the Beet Box cafe which for its tiny kitchen serves up some of the most delicious and healthiest vego grinds around.  With its powerful kenitic energy and central location Noelani Studios continues to be a hub for health, wellness, healing and locally handmade treasures, and truly was the ideal spot for our workshops.

Both of the Sea Gypsy Treasures workshops were a huge success and Dawn met some amazing people though them. Noelani and Rebecca both attended the first workshop, Weave, Talkstory and Dream, creating magical dreamcatchers along with the other women in the workshop. The Flower-child workshop that followed continued the celebration of creativity as the group grew from seeds into flowers, danced into dreaming, and took the weaving step by step to create unique handmade treasures. Both of these workshops used sustainable, up-cycled, and found materials to create new works of art. Sharing a love for all things dreamcatcher and earth friendly in the sacred space of Noelani Studios truly was a dream come true.

Now it is with sincere gratitude that Dawn, and Sea Gypsy Treasures extend a big Mahalo Nui Loa to Noelani, Rebecca, all of the dear Studio staff, each and every woman and girl whom made it to the workshops, and to the community of loving humans in Hawai’i that made possible the workshops, space, and magic that occurred.

Happy Dreaming!


Workshop 1 Weave Talkstory and Dream

SGT_Workshop1_Noelani Studios

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Workshop 2, FlowerChild

SGT_Workshop2_Noelani Studios

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** All photos are by and copyright to Sea Gypsy Treasures


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