Thank you for taking the time to connect and learn a bit more about us, all Dreamcatchers and Treasures are handmade for Gypsy souls with Sustainable Style.  Made for your home, sacred space, for special events and weddings, and featured in fashion shoots, home decor magazines, and in establishments both nationally and internationally.  Each Dreamcatcher is crafted with love and care by Dawn Wolf Dreamer with the sustainability principles of reducing,  re-purposing and up-cycling materials whenever possible.

In Native American or First Nations traditions the dream catcher traps bad dreams in the in the webbing and allows the good dreams to pass though. Good dreams navigate their way through the centre of the dreamcatcher, and they slide down the lowest-hanging point to inspire the peaceful dreamer below. We suggest hanging your special dreamcatcher where it can get the light of day, so in the dawns early light the bad dreams will melt away and perish.

Each and every Sea Gypsy Treasure is made with love and good intentions. It is Dawn’s belief that they carry with them magic and can aid in healing and manifesting your dreams. Light a candle, and say a prayer over your new dreamcatcher and let the Great Spirit do the rest. 🙂

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From the Wild den of  Dawn Wolf Dreamer
Currently communing from Byron Bay Austraila I am a Dreamer and conservationist raised within the Hawaiian Islands by my mother Julia alongside my sister Leilani Leialoha. With Celtic an Pacific Island heritage amongst others I am rooted in a dreaming tradition. My childhood consisted of natural forts, flower leis, free diving and adventuring  in Ka’u, the lava desert of Hawai’i’ Island.

My mother Julia taught me how to trust my dreams, use only what I truly need, and the Hawaiian healing art of Lomi Lomi. Heather my grandmother taught me storytelling, homeopathy and how to sew. Leilani taught me how to be an older sister, how to play with butterflies whilst dancing on a’a, and write moonbeam poetry.

Along with my family the Sea continues to be one of my greatest teachers, and amongst other joys I am a soul surfer who has traveled much of the globe doing so. Inspired by the Divine, ancient peoples, rituals, and my salted life, Sea Gypsy Treasures are eclectic creations that spring forth though my dreaming. Found sea treasures are combined with one another, vines (which I personal hand harvest and weave), hemp, coconut rope, lace, vintage fabrics, re-purposed leather,  doilies and other found jewels into these Dreamy creations.

My intention is for the Sea Gypsy Treasures to inspire, aid in balancing, and remind us of daily ritual in our lives. We are creative beings, filled with magic and the power to live our dreams. If these treasures can bring even a tiny remembrance of that to another being then the miracle that they are performing for me has truly been shared.
Love and Aloha

Sea Gypsy Treasures Dreamcathers and Dawn Wolf Dreamer


If you would like to contact Sea Gypsy Treasures, are interested in commissioning a special Dream Catcher, Driftwood Sculpture or Beach Art, or would like to purchase one of the Sea Gypsy Treasures from a photo you have seen. You can send us a message here, Thank you very much.

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