Dreamcatcher Ordering

Each dreamcatcher is handmade with love and good intentions, created from dreaming and crafted with ritual, imbuing each dreamer with its own life. All materials are hand selected and take time to gather, each dreamer is unique and one of a kind.

Full Moon Dreamers:
Extra Large Dreamcatchers made with re-purposed and natural vine hoops, these dreamers are made to order and perfect for large spaces, weddings, events, and establishments.Theses dreamers start at 60cm and can be made with our with out fabric tassels.

Full Moon Sea Gypsy Treasurse with Sunnie

Woven Vine and Driftwood Dreamers:
Are made with hand harvested, dried vine that has been hand woven into magical shapes, or found pieces of driftwood brought into balance with alchemy.  These dreamers come with hand woven and crochet centers, vintage fabrics and lace or feathers and shells, a combination can also be crafted. Handmade medicine pouches, found and cruelty free bones and feathers, as well as clay beads, horn and other powerful healing elements can be added into the dreamers upon request. Vine and natural dreamcatchers, and medicine wheel dreamers are made upon request and by commission please do send us an inquiry if you are interested. Price is dependent on the materials and size of your custom dream catcher. Natural vine Dreamcatchers start at 36cm and up.

Sea Gypsy Treausres dreamcatchres

Hoop and Fabric Dreamcatchers
These beautiful light, airy and ethereal Dreamcatchers are made with re-purposed and new metal and wood hoops. They can be made in a Natural look with feathers, beads and crystals, alternatively these magical hoop dream catchers come with re-purposed fabrics, lace, hand woven and crochet centers, beads and crystals..Theses dreamers are upon quote and come in extra small 10cm, small 26cm, medium 36cm, large42cm and extra large 50cm. Please do contact us for a quote.

Fabric Hoop Sea Gypsy Treasure

It is important to note that all dreamercatchers are made with alchemy, slow living and sustainability ethos so may take time, please take this into account if planning to use your dreamcatcher in a special event or ceremony. Each dreaming creation can be made to suit your needs if you are a vegan, or simply prefer to not use bird, animal or wood; leather, feathers, bones and beads can be omitted.  Please send Dawn Wolf Dreamer your requests, to place an order fill in the contact form below and Dawn Wolf Dreamer will get back to you as soon as she can.


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