Sea Gypsy Treasure materials

DRIFTWOOD: Found on the beaches of the Far North Coast of NSW Australia, only pieces that have a purpose are used and taken, a prayer is said and energies exchanged in the collection processes. Sacred artifacts and those pieces of wood carrying with them spirits are sacred and left for the Sea shore as guardians.

VINE:  A variety of vine is used in creating the hoops for the Sea Gypsy Dream catchers, this vine is found choaking out the forests in the Australian bush land, Dawn Wolf Dreamer cuts it back from the trees leaving the roots intact, allowing the tree more freedom as well as allowing a natural balance to be struck.

SHELLS: The shells are all found, and already have natural holes in them,  nor are they homes to animals any longer. All shells fully intact are left for new life to live in them. It is the discarded, well lived and organically eroded beach gold that truly fascinates Dawn Wolf Dreamer and what is used in all of her art for spiritual, creative & ethical purposes.

NO WORRY BEADS: ‘ In 1988, the Noworrybeads concept was born using collected Australian timber, tree prunings, seed pods, recycled wood from salvage, and cast resin, capturing the Australian bush, to create hand made wooden and resin beads and buttons. Each one is tumbled for many hours to achieve its unique form in a magnificent array of colours. Vibrant and tactile, with textures and hues reminiscent and reflective of the Australian landscape,  from the desert to the coast.’ More on No Worry Beads visit there site:

FABRICS: 85% of the fabrics used in the Sea Gypsy Treasures is found, vintage, recycled or re-purposed. Fabrics are sourced consciously and chosen for their natural fiber content, color. You can always request that  your special dreamer be made from 100% re-purposed fabrics upon placing your order.

CROCHET/LACE: Crochet doilies are handmade, found, and vintage. They are up-cycled from their domestic uses and re-purposed for living art. Lace is vintage, re-purposed and some new pieces. Creatively combined with wood, shells, leather and crochet to evoke feelings of the divine feminine, ornate, and dreamy states of being.

LEATHER: All leather is re-purposed, recycled, found and vintage. Most of the leather used in the dreamcathcers is off cuts waiting to be discarded, these remnants are up-cycled in fun, playful, new creations.

FEATHERS: Are found and cruelty free when they are sourced externally we use local options to maintain our ethics and values for all living beings.

ANTLER: Deer Antler are all naturally shed cruelty free, imported from North America.

BONE: All bones are found and cruelty free. Cow bones are sourced locally in Byron Bay.

BONE BEADS: Sourced from bead companies that use the bones from cows that have been used for their meat and hide, these bones are usually from abattoirs. Our use of these cow bone beads is founded on the principal of zero waste, if an animal dies, we support the use of all parts.

JUTE: Natural fiber un-dyed.

COCONUT ROPE: Coconut fiber and rope is hand woven and naturally died with plants  here in Australia by a local Aboriginal community.

HEMP: Sourced locally and from natural un-dyed hemp.

OTHER: Beads, Ornaments, found objects are also used all of theses additional treasures are also found, re-purposed, reused, vintage and some new bits interwoven into the Dawn Wolf Dreamers creations. If you have any questions about the materials or where they are sourced please do send us an email and we are happy to disclose this information to you. It remains private otherwise to preserve our unique designs and designers from being replicated.


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